Massage Lessons

Private Lessons


Sometimes private lessons are the way to go. You get one on one instruction that you can never get in a classroom full of other students. Come try a lesson and see how concentrated effort can make the difference in your practice of kung fu, yoga, or healing arts. Tim had private lessons with many masters from around the world with his main influences being from Master Myung Chill Kim O.M.D. Learning massage, kung fu, herbs, meditation, chi kung and more, Tim wants to offer these same lessons to you in a very unique way. If you are a Massage Therapist or even just someone who wants to help themselves or others, you can learn a lot in just one lesson. Combining his many years of training people and giving treatments, Tim has learned how to streamline your lessons to make it easier to learn. Doing Body Work/Massage and Kung Fu has helped Tim and his clients both mentally and Physically (and some say spiritually).

Bring your notebook!

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