• 38th Generation Korean Qi Massage
• Craniosacral Therapy
• Tao Shiatsu (Japanese Massage)
• Unwinding the Belly/Tibetan Massage
• Tui Na (Chinese Massage),
• Asian Reflexology
• Sports Massage
• Pre/Post Natal Massage


Ba Gua Zhang • Tai Chi Chuan
Qi Gong (Chi Kung) • Yi Chuan, Xing Yi
Dragon Style • 
Kung Fu • Tae Kwando

5 Tibetans • Makko Ho • Qi Gong
Breathing • Meditation • Craniosacral Therapy
World Yoga



(520) 342-7680

All Natural Herbs & Supplements

9 thoughts on “Chi Massage Tucson

  1. Katrina Faraci

    Any treatment you get done by Tim is absolutly unique, and amazing. The knowledge he has about your muscles, and energy in your body is mind blowing. Especially the craniosacral therepy. You go get a massage somewhere else, and they end up doing more damage than help. He truly takes into account your everyday lifestyle, and what will truly benifit your body, and health. As well as teach you more about your body then you ever imagined. I was in so much pain, and stressed. He taught me about my posture, breathing, stretches, oils, and so much more that have truly improved my life, and happiness everyday to care for myself, and my newborn. I am truly thankful. I HIGHly recommend you improve your life with all the great knowledge he has.

  2. Deajon Henderson

    I go to Tim for Massage all the time, I wouldn’t dare go to anyone else!
    He is by far the best at what he does!!! Try the craniosacral therapy. Very recommended.

  3. Dawn Reardon

    I take the yoga all the time. It’s a great clean location. I stared getting massages and I feel much better. I was in an accident and the gentle approach and soothing atmosphere has helped my overall being. I’d re ommend you try it.

  4. Hannah Jones

    My quality in life has greatly increased since I’ve started these treatments… so much so that I worry I won’t be able to find anyone as good as him when I move away. As a massage therapist he helps so much with my pain and as a friend he inspires me to live a healthier lifestyle. Just take it from someone who knows, you should stop searching for a massage therapists because I doubt you will find a better one…these treatments will change your life!

  5. Stephanie Thatcher

    My first experience getting a massage by Tim was absolutely life changing…. I only wish I lived closer so that I could take advantage of his gift. I never experienced what chi energy was until Tim showed me, and I actually felt the energy- it was amazing!

  6. Barbara Peters

    What’s most startling about Tim’s massages and body work is that you can actually leave healed! I’ve been experiencing sciatic pain on my side and no amount of Aleve or aspirin seemed sufficient to eliminate the pain. But every time I get a treatment from Tim, the pain is completely gone for the duration of that day and the entire following day. And then something happens either in my sleep or while at the computer, and the pain returns. Tim doesn’t stop with just healing the pain and waiting for my next visit, he diagnoses and gets deeply engaged with the cause and root of the pain. Thus far, as a result of Tim’s questions and analysis, I’ve changed my position at the computer, added pillows to my side sleeping, and learned how to breathe more effectively. That’s jus for starters. He prescribes exercises, nutritious eating habits, and all types of self-care treatments that help us lead a whole, healthy life. So, so happy I found this amazing practitioner!

  7. Nathan

    I have been to all types of massage therapists and even chiropractors. By far these are the best treatments I ever experienced! I was skeptical at first because of previous sessions with all others. Surprisingly to me, this was the best service u have ever received and am now a faithful patient! Lol
    I continue my treatment regularly and highly recommend him to “ANYONE”.

  8. Kaylee

    Tim is amazing! He’s so caring & genuine & you can feel it in his work. This is for sure his true calling. He’s so knowledgeable & can explain what he’s doing & why. As a massage therapist myself that is extremely helpful .


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